AIMS. Tandem is a charity that provides support for the disabled and elderly in the Midhurst and Petworth areas of West Sussex.

TRANSPORT.† An important part of Tandemís activities is the provision of transport.† This is available to all in need.† Click the transport button to see details of these services.

COMMUNITY SERVICES.† Tandem also provides a range of other services to the community, including trips almost every week to places of interest, a weekly club in Midhurst and social events in summer and winter.† These services are open to Tandem members.† Click the membership button for details.

ORGANIZATION.† Tandem is governed by a committee headed by a Chairman.† The President is the Viscountess Cowdray.† All Tandemís activities are only made possible by volunteer drivers and those organizing community activities.

FUNDING.† Tandem depends on grants and donations from local authorities, in particular West Sussex County Council, various charitable trusts, the National Lottery, and individuals.† About one third of funding is from the collection of fares and member subscriptions.†

RESPONDING TO DEMAND.† The graph shows the growth in Tandemís activities over the past 12 years from 260 to over 3000 hospital car trips and from 730 to 975 trips by wheelchair accessible vehicles per year.† In order to continue to meet this growing local demand Tandem needs more vehicles and volunteers and of course, additional funding.


Tandem, The Grange, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9HD

Phone and Fax: 01730 813962


Registered charity, No.294947

Trips:wheelchair accessible vehicles

Trips: hospital car service

Tandem was awarded the Queenís Golden Jubilee Award, 2003 for voluntary service by groups in the community.