Tandem obtains funds in 2 ways for their operational expense:-

Self Funding: This comes from Membership subscriptions – currently £7.50 per year – and the fares members pay for transport when participating in Tandem organised outings. However this leaves an annual deficit of £18,500 against annual expenditure.

Grants & Donations: Tandem has been supported on an annual basis by The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, the West Sussex County Council and BUPA to offset the annual deficit. In addition donations are received from our members and from local organisations, most recently from the Viscountess Cowdray Charitable Trust. Tandem has also received funds from the Wills of members and in addition Bank Interest on its reserves. This income has the effect of reducing the annual operational deficit to £6,300.


Tandem’s operating expenses averaged £26,000 over the last 5 years. The major elements are salaries for our 3 part-time employees, Vehicle & Public Liability Insurances plus the maintenance and fuel costs for the vehicles.

Audit & Reporting

Tandem meets the Charity Commissions requirement to send their Examined Accounts and any additionally required financial information on an annual basis. This information can be accessed on the Charity Commissions Website by entering Tandems’ UK Registered No. 294947 on the appropriate page.

Any donations supporting the work of Tandem are gratefully received. These can be made by forwarding a cheque to:-
The Honorary Treasurer, Tandem, The Grange Centre, Midhurst, Sussex, GU29 9HD
by BACS to Tandem, Account No. 40742385, sort Code 09-06-66.

Or simply phone 01730 813962